Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools?

Simply put, this site is a collection of utilities designed to make it easier to travel better. As an aerophile smitten by wanderlust, I've pretty much been on the go since 2006, traveling more every year. I noticed certain gaps in the tools available and I set out to rectify that problem. The result is the mish-mash you see here. Not everything is 100% related but it is all about travel and that's the common bond.

So come along and wander the globe with me. It really is a lot of fun.

Who is the Wandering Aramean

A bad old testament joke gone wrong and here I am. I'm Seth Miller, author of a travel blog and creator of these tools. I also have coordinated a variety of travel-related events, from small gatherings around new terminal construction to chartering 200+ passenger jets for joy rides. Somewhere in between I've also found time to build up this site, to help others travel more and better.

What are the tools?

There are 5 main categories for the tools:

  • Fares: Looking for the best fares published in the market? What about good deals for applying Global Premier Upgrades (GPUs, f/k/a SWUs) from United Airlines? Or SWUs from Delta? Or even where to start an Around-the-World (RTW) fare for the best deal? Yeah, we've got that information here. Updated frequently from public published resources, the fare tools offer insight to the options available. With alerts they can help you spot a sale or find the right time to buy.
  • Award Searches: I'm not shy about the fact that some of my best travel experiences have come about through redeeming points. They are a currency unto themselves and knowing how to maximize the return on them - both through knowing how many points an award should cost and how to find the award seats - are two key features that are available through the tools.
  • Frequent Flyer References: How many miles will I earn on a trip? What are the schedules for a particular route? Which frequent flyer program credits the most points for a particular trip? These questions and more are answered through the References tools on the site.
  • Airport Lounge Guide: Want to know which lounge is the best in a particular terminal? Or see pictures of what it actually looks like inside? How about trying to meet up with others as you wend your way around the world? All that is available in the Airport Lounge Guide section of the site.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Someone once asked me how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites I'd been to. I had no idea. So I built a tool to track the visits and to help others do the same. See where you rank, add comments to help others and share your travel experiences with the world.